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He will only stand to Gypsy Rose Ranch mares. The only way to procure a Romipen get will be to contact the Gypsy Rose Ranch for available offspring.


Like a fine wine, Romipen has improved with age!


Born: April 1999
Mare: Crown Darby – Foundation Bred Import Mare by The Gypsy King
Sire: Cushtibok – Foundation Bred Import Stallion by The Old Horse of Wales
Height: 14.3 h.h.
Color: Piebald
Fee: 2011 Stud Fee: $3,000.00 + collection and shipping costs. $300.00 non refundable booking fee / applied to stud fee at time of service. Embryo Transplants Available By Private Treaty

Romipen turned 13 years old in April 2012, and he has matured into a full bodied, fabulous stallion. With age he has come to look much like his famous Grandsire, The Old Horse of Wales.romi-kicking
He has settled down and is very confident in his environment. He loves his offspring and is always gentle and sweet with them. Romipen loves to run, rear, and pirouette, for his wives and audiences when he is turned out!Baynav watching_3_9_07

romibyfenceTo date Romipen has produced 22 beautiful fillies and 8 outstandingly handsome, athletic colts.


Romipen in 2007:


Romipen in 2006:


Romipen in 2005:


Romipen in 2004:


  • Comment by Elin Olsén — 11/19/2009 @ 4:17 pm

    Hi! Im todely in love. what a beauty. Is he fore sale??? *SMILE*

  • Comment by Jessica — 01/01/2010 @ 8:21 pm

    hi my name is Jessica and i was wondering if you breed your stud to other breeds of horses. also what is the price and if you had a form im just looking around. thank you for your time

  • Comment by admin — 01/22/2010 @ 7:57 am

    Hi Jessica,

    Thank your for your inquiry… I am flattered at your interest in Romipen, for breeding purposes. He has made many beautiful foals all but a few are purebred Gypsies.

    I have only cross bred him on my own mares, and that has only been twice at that….So to answer your question, no I do not usually consider cross breeding Romipen to other breeds.

    There are way too many unwanted horses being turned out to starve, or being un cared for , to make additional foals, that may or not be loved in the future.

    Please understand that I really love all equines, and feel that every foal produced, needs to be cared for in the best of ways for it’s entire life, and way too often , people breed horses just to see what they may get, and then for whatever reason, they can not , or do not keep the resulting foal, and it ends up in a place it was never intended to be….

    So please excuse me for being so blunt, but it is my passion for the Gypsy Horse and all equines that make me so adamant about not cross breeding.

    Thank you
    Lynn Strauman

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