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Romany’s Ms. Bodi

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The Matriarch

Born: August 4, 1995
Dam: Mattie
Sire: Romany Rye
Registration: #GV00011F
Size: 14.1hh
Weight: 1450 lbs


Ms. Bodi was one of the first 14 Gypsy mares in North America. She is a daughter of Romany Rye (The White Horse).

The White Horse was one of the best three stallions we discovered in our years of searching for the ultimate breed foundation stallions. His image is etched on the tombstone of a Gypsy that had dedicated 50 years of his life in the effort to produce his perfect caravan horse.(Vanner) Below the etching of the White Horse is an etching of the White Horses father.

When Cindy and I stood with that man’s sons to evaluate fillies, produced by this great stallion Cindy said what is that fillies name? That’s the Bodi Filly he said. With a puzzled look Cindy said, ” what does Bodi mean”?  You know the Gypsy said, as he moved his hands in the shape of a woman’s body, “She has a great Bodi.”

What could be more appropriate at the worlds first Performance Gypsy Horse show than for the Supreme Halter Horse to be the daughter of a Supreme stallion etched on a Gypsies grave and what could be more appropriate than for that daughter to have been named by that Gypsies son,  The Bodi Filly.

Ms. Bodi’s journey began in Wales where she was born. In October 1999, Ms. Bodi was chosen by Lynn Strauman to be the first Performance Gypsy Horse shipped west of the Mississippi. She was imported to the United States with the first group of Performance Gypsy Horses™ when she was 14 months old. She arrived in Northern California on December 9th, 1999, and has since been established as the foundation for the Performance Gypsy Horse™ breeding stock at The Gypsy Rose Ranch. Bodi, was bred to The Gypsy King as a 4 year old and foaled Yaven in the spring of 2000. She also produced an embryo for transplant in that same year by Gypsy King. Bodi’s Peperooga, was born in June of 2001.bodialert

Bodi is intelligent, and the most docile horse you will ever come across. Bodi is fully trained for driving, western pleasure, English flat seat, trail, working stock and entry, level dressage. We look forward to Ms. Bodi and her offspring defining and refining the breed for years to come. As of this writing Ms. Bodi is a Grandma, and a Great Grandma, to wonderful athletic examples of the breed!


She has out produced herself every time, and her many descendents are out winning in the world of athletic competitions. View current gypsy foals for sale from Ms. Bodi »

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Ms. Bodi in 2008:

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Ms. Bodi in 2007:

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Ms. Bodi in 2006:

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Ms. Bodi in 2005:

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