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LATEST: A double registered 10 year old red factor all black mare. She does sport a beautiful white blaze and beautiful head. Loves to drive, produces lovely foals, 50% of the time they are colored. Currently for sale at $25,000 FIRM.


The Bibster

Born: January 2001
Dam: John Bucks Mare
Sire: John Bucks Stallion
Registration: #GV00370F
Size: 13.3hh
Weight: 1300 lbs
Price: $25,000.00 FIRM

bibbyassetsbibbydrivingBibby, was selected in 2006 to be the 5th Gypsy Rose Ranch foundation mare. Her conformation, smaller stature, and her broad stance was a major factor in this decision. Additionally we wanted to keep the color capability in our breeding program, and Bibby has a beautiful rich black color factor. She is quite athletic for her build, and has a wonderful road covering, high stepping trot, which is beautiful for carting.

Bibby is complimented by Romipen, and together they have produced 5 beautiful foals, 2 colts and 3 fillies, 3 Blacks and 2 Tobiano’s. Bibby currently drives and will be trained to ride by 2010.

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Bibi in 2011:

Bibi in 2009:


Bibi in 2007:

Screen shot 2009-10-09 at 1.40.32 AM

Bibi in 2006:


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