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LATEST: Doovar has started her formal ride training in the discipline of drissage with Hannah Duff. Doovar has impressed both student and teacher with her quick study in only her first week of training under saddle. Doovar will be 4 years old on June 26, 2011.

The Groovy Doovy

Born: June 26, 2007
Dam: Ms. Bodi
Sire: Romipen
Registration: Pending

doovbuttsDoovar, was bred by the Gypsy Rose Ranch, and the first retained Romipen x Ms. Bodi , filly selected to carry on the Ms. Bodi, tradition.

She is my dream horse come true ! I always wanted a draft horse, always loved the Black with 4 high whites, and to get it all in one package, and as a Bodi Filly, was all I could ask for! Doovar has the sweetest disposition and wants to please, she is built like her Mom, (muscle machine), yet moves with the grace of a Gazelle.doovfollowing

Doovar is willing, intelligent and athletic, she will be trained in all disciplines, just like her Mom. I will start looking for her first husband in 2010, and probably pull an embryo from her, so that she can continue her training, yet still produce a beautiful next generation Gypsy Rose Ranch Performance foal.

Doovar in 2011:

Doovar in 2009:


Doovar in 2008:

Screen shot 2009-10-09 at 2.27.54 AM

Doovar in 2007:

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