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Performance Gypsy Horses For Sale


Honoring The Gypsy Vision

Through selective breeding the gypsies of the United Kingdom have strived to produce elite Gypsy Horses with the following traits: quiet disposition, extraordinary intelligence, long flowing manes and tails, abundant feathers and a standardized conformation. These traits have become the standard requirements for the Gypsy Horse breed today.

GHSWest was formed in December of 1999 by Lynn Strauman as the Western North American home of Performance Gypsy Horses™. Our goal is to honor the vision created by the Gypsies of the UK, by respecting the standards established from the spoken words of the founding Performance Gypsy Horse™ breeders. The perfect caravan horse is strong, intelligent, docile, athletic, colorful and has excellent endurance. It is our vocation to demonstrate the Performance Gypsy Horse™ traits are the perfect horse for any number of Equestrian pursuits.