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Embryo Transplants at Gypsy Rose Ranch

rose_headerThe Gypsy Rose Ranch produces Performance Gypsy horse™ embryos for those individuals that seek the quality, temperament and conformation of foundation, imported stock, which includes lineage of Romany Rye, Cushti Bok, Gypsy King, and Crown Darby. The Gypsy Rose Ranch proudly offers our foundation stallion Romipen, with the following mares for your embryo consideration:

Lynn personally handles the entire process, from verifying cycles of the donor Performance Gypsy Mares to coordinate with cycles of the recipient / surrogate mares and breeding of the stallion to mares. Verification of ovulation, the embryo flush, and implant, as well as confirmation of conception, is performed by a Veterinarian, at Pioneer Equine, a full service reproductive facility. Each step requires much knowledge of each of the horses being used. The success rate for the Gypsy Rose Ranch has allowed us to produce phenomenal foals that have sold with all of the attributes needed to continue the foundation lines with pride. AND, our filly to colt ratio is 17 to 3. Read more about the embryo transplant process.


Lynn is recognized as a responsible breeder and we take pride and care not to overproduce for the sake of selling Performance Gypsy horses™. Our dedication to produce quality horses over quantity makes our line in demand. We currently have the list shown of available embryos for your consideration. Should you be interested in any additional combinations of mare/stallions, please contact us to see how we may accommodate your request.

Read more about our horse embryo transplant process.