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lionThe Gypsy Rose Ranch is proud to present our Gypsy Performance Stallion “Romipen” – North America’s FIRST native-born stallion from the originally imported foundation bloodlines.

Romipen has sired 22 beautiful fillies and 8 outstanding colts to date. Romipen is being retired from public stud. He will only stand to Gypsy Rose Ranch mares. The only way to procure a Romipen get will be to contact the Gypsy Rose Ranch for available offspring.

Romipen’s semen is very viable as evidenced from the birth of this filly named “Leap of Faith”, owned by Wildest Dreams Gypsy Horses. (This filly was justly named as her owner, Ella, drove all the way from So. California to pick up “the stud in a box”, returned to So. Calif. the same day, and had her mare bred the next day! Faye is the beautiful result of this Leap of Faith!)

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Romi_fleshy_for_breeding_2010Watching The HaremRomi_11_beautiful_TailRomi_11yrs_old